Monday, August 24, 2015

Kid Friendly/Adult Approved Party Mix Vol. 1 - Dj RyB

One thing that I am a fanatic about for a party or BBQ is good music. It makes all the difference between a fun party or a boring one.  Even if the songs are good, it can still be a flop if it doesn't have good flow. Nothing aggravates me more than hearing an uptempo song, to be followed by something slow or depressing.

Obviously my DJ background makes me care a little more than most people but I think it does make a huge difference when the music is good and accessible to people with varying degrees of musical taste. Most people don't care that much or have no control because they hit Random Play on iTunes or use Pandora which is all over the place.

I think you should start to care so that is why I decided to make it easy for you by putting together my new "Kid Friendly/Adult Approved" mixes on Spotify. If you like them, just "Follow" the playlist and you'll have an instant party mix ready to go for your next gathering.

Hit the Spotify button in the player above or use the following link:

I'll try and put a new one out every few weeks and if you have any suggestions or songs you want to here, just let me know. 

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